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Our mission

Based in Groslée-Saint-Benoît for over 25 years, HEPHA is specialized in the design and manufacture of dense, insulating refractory castable concrete of all types, “ready to use”, designed by its own R&D department for industries with high-temperature processes.

In order to guarantee quality products right up to the point of use, samples are taken at each stage of production and laboratory tests are carried out to ensure that the materials delivered comply with the technical data sheets. HEPHA is an accredited training organization and supports its customers in obtaining accreditation for their staff, as well as conducting regular awareness-raising and prevention campaigns.

Know-how made in France, with a reputation in France and abroad!


The sectors in which we operate

Construction of ovens

Cement plants

Metallurgy Heat treatment

Incineration and Boilers

Paper mills


Chemicals / Petrochemicals




Skills at your service

Experts in dense and insulating refractory castable concrete of all types for 25 years, we can help you to choose your refractory solutions.

We design and manufacture refractory castable, precast pieces and refractory anchors.

With our own Research & Development department and specific high-performance machinery to our business, we guarantee immediate responsiveness.

As an approved training organization, we offer training, prevention, awareness-raising and accreditation courses.

Our refractory culture enables us to guide you in your choice of technical solutions.

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