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Research and development of ready-to-use refractory solutions

Refractory castable

Dense castable
Insulating castable
Gunning castable

HEPHA’s main activity is the design and manufacture of ready-to-use refractory castable concrete  packaged in bags or Big Bags.

Our product range includes :

  • Dense Castable with medium, low and ultra-low cement content
  • Gunning dense refractory castable
  • Gunning insulating castable.
  • Cementless dense refractory castable (sol-gel bonded)
  • Dense Castable with extended service life

Various technical castable made from raw materials such as silica-alumina, chamotte, andalusite, mullite, bauxite, silicon carbide, zirconia and other special materials.

Specific names help to guide our customers towards the different ranges.

The LIGHT range is an insulating castable range in both gunitable mode and vibrating casting mode. With densities ranging from 0.5 to 1.7 and low thermal conductivities, these products combine mechanical strength and insulation. Our alumino-silicates come in a variety of specific compositions tailored to the specifications of each industry (glassmaking, incineration, cement works and many others).

The GUNCAST range is a dense castable available in gunning mode but also in vibrating casting mode. These products are suitable for applications that can reach temperatures of 1800°C. The conventional range is renowned for its ease of use and robustness.

One of the specific features of these two ranges is the dual vibrating-casting/gunitable application, designed to offer a wider working range and simplify customer requirements. This also limits the amount of stock tied up.

The SUPER range is available in vibrating/casting (SUPERCAST) and gunning (SUPERGUN) versions. Renowned by smokers, these high-tech products offer exceptional performance. It includes our low, ultra-low and medium cement content Castable.

The COLL range is available in a vibrating casting version (COLLCAST) and gunitable version (COLLGUN). The COLL range is designed for coating and corrosion-sensitive areas.

The TIME range is specific to low and medium cement content castable (TIMECAST). This range has been specially developed to increase duration of storage in warehouses : because of far transport, that castable is designed for 12 months shelf life. It is designed to meet the needs of the export market and compensate long transport transfers : because it will travel far, this castable is designed to solve lot of issues.

Refractory anchors

Patented refractory floating anchor
Standard anchoring
Special brick anchor

We offer a wide range of anchors in various grades, shapes, and diameters. Of all shapes and sizes, the function of these metal parts is to hold the refractory lining against the wall while allowing this layer to expand at high temperatures.

We are able to adapt to thermal and mechanical conditions and offer high-quality parts.

Our anchors ranges are made from refractory materials such as AISI 304, AISI 310, AISI 330, AISI 253 MA, INCONEL 601, etc…

These items can measure from 30 to 500 mm in length, with diameters ranging from 6 to 16 mm. Renowned for its responsiveness and competitiveness, our anchor production is used in all industrial sectors, including cement, steel industry, and incineration.

Because we are worldwide, we’re available to listen your needs, your requirements and assist you with our expertise. Some of our products are particularly recognized because they have been patented, making them useful in sectors such as the cement industry (floating anchors).

Precast pieces

Small and large items
Dense, insulating concrete pieces
Drying in our internal ovens that can manage items ranging from a few kg to several tons

HEPHA has a workshop, in charge of manufacturing molds from few grams to several tons.

We manufacture burner blocks, openings, vault elements and many other parts, either individually or in series, and take care of the drying process prior to shipment.

These precast pieces are a perfect technical and cost-effective alternative to over-compressed products; custom-made parts can be used to design complex components.

Designed with products from our ranges, fitted with assembly anchors or reinforced with stainless steel needles, these parts have many applications.

Isolating and additional Refractory materials


We’ll make sure your refractory requirements are met fully.

Our refractory materials :

  • High-temperature fibers
  • Dense, insulating refractory bricks
  • Braids, ropes and textiles made from high temperature fibers
  • Suitable equipment for installation

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