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Experts in manufacturing refractory castable and insulating concretes of all types for 25 years

Based in Saint Benoît for over 25 years, HEPHA is specialized in the design and manufacture of dense, insulating refractory concretes of all types, “ready to use” for industries with high-temperature processes.

Our Research & Development department, made up of experienced professionals, is able to meet all your needs in developing specific products tailored to your requirements.

HEPHA is an accredited training organization and supports its customers in obtaining accreditation for their staff, as well as conducting regular awareness-raising and prevention campaigns.

Made in France, our expertise is recognized in France and abroad!

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ISO 9001 quality certification

To guarantee the quality of our products right through to their use, samples are taken at each stage of production and laboratory tests are carried out to ensure that the materials delivered comply with the technical specifications.

Quality management and implementation, as well as respect for the environment and continuous improvement, are central to our concerns. HEPHA deploys processes based on a clear organization and defined responsibilities in compliance with applicable requirements (legal, contractual, normative and regulatory, etc.), focusing on customer satisfaction.

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To guarantee optimum responsiveness to its customers, HEPHA is extending and operating  branches in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, located those areas




Republic of Congo

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